Søren Dø studied at the European Film School, DK-Ebeltoft, Art Academy in Berlin (UDK) and Academy of Fine Arts Cracow.
Working worldwide as an artist, photographer, kameramand, exhibition designer and theater technician. 

I have dedicated my work to ease. Because the direct way often for me is the best way. It is my goal to produce things with a straightforward simplicity and comprehensibility. Film, video, pictures that are honest and therefore can be understood and used by all humans.

 Actual artwork:

-"To the next 3", podcast serie about triathlon training, Denmark.

-"ESCAPE", dance, video, photography exhibition, Helsinki.

Actual eyesinDK projects:.

-Scenography for Dance in NW; "Yallah Yallah", Copenhagen.

-Videotrailer for Asterionshus performance; "MOON", Copenhagen.

-Video for Kragh & Berglund; "Skovbrynet-Basecamp", Copenhagen.





If you want to contact me:                                                                                                                                                         

My company "eyesinDK" produce films, commercials and documentations. 

eyesindk@hotmail.com & eyesindk@gmail.com


phone +45 23 96 60 93